Monday, February 28, 2011

How we plan to roll...

If any of you love to plan and schedule as much as we do, then we think you'll like our "blogging schedule" for the month.

Every month our plan is to post on Mondays, with each Monday of the month being assigned to a theme:
First Monday - Fashion Mission Monday, we will be challenging you to add a unique and fun piece to your closet or inspire you to wear something you may already have.
Second Monday - Help Me Monday, we'll be sharing tips and tricks and hoping that you will email us with questions you have.
Third Monday - Mad Makeover Monday, we'll be featuring a client with a little background including her shape and style with some very impressive before and after pics!
Fourth Monday - Quick Pick Monday, Aubrey and I will be looking back on the month and taking a picture of our "go to" outfit to share with you. We'll tell you why we picked the pieces we did and where to find them in the store.
Fifth Mondays - these will be Wild Card Mondays with surprise themes!

So keep a look out for our first post on Monday, March 7th, here we come!