Monday, April 4, 2011

Mission Monday for April 2011

Preppy and Cheerful Stripes!

With April still being a month of volatile weather, I thought this might be a good time to try out this spring trend of stripes in all colors, not just your typical navy and white.  When looking at shirts in particular, you will see them in 3/4 to full length sleeve, which again is great as a layering piece and can easily be mixed with skirts and shorts as the weather gets warmer.

So, your assignment this month is to add a striped piece to your wardrobe.  If you are nervous, you can start with a scarf or piece of jewelry and for you risk takers, I say go for the dress.  They are SO much fun!  Here are some great examples of how to do it classically all the way to dramatic chic!
This is your classic look, layered under a fitted blazer, boy friend jeans and lace up booties.

This next look I love for you younger gals, pairing your striped shirts with whimisical skirts and either high heels like shown here or flat oxfords and socks.  Anything goes!

I know for some of you, this classic look just isn't enough, so here are some stripes in exotic, eye catching colors.

And lastly, I'll end with some suggestions on how to mix this all up...

So with this classic look of denim and stripes, please pay attention to the bright red nail color and/or lipstick and the floral scarf peaking it's head out of the straw bag.  Stylist Kate Young suggests that when mixing animal prints or florals with stripes, that at least one color in the print matches the same shade in the stripe.  

And if you are worried about stripes making you look wide, then stick with the shirt only and tuck it in.  Horizontal stripes will give the illusion of broad shoulders and a narrow waist if worn this way.  Horizontal stripes can also be very forgiving in the chest area whether you are big or small.  The stripes make it hard to see, which in some cases is a good thing (like me who has been deprived in this area).

So, no excuses not to give this a try.  I bet some of you may already have this item in the closet but haven't thought to wear it in a while. Just make sure you make it about you and not just what you see in the magazines.  You've got stripes with blazers, stripes with skirts, colorful bright stripes and even stripes with animal or floral prints. So really, the only way to make your stripes "un-cheerful" is to not wear them at all.
Missy and Aubrey
(Pictures thanks to, In Style and Real Simple, April 2011)