Monday, April 11, 2011

Help Me Monday!


Although this term might not be familiar to you, you are probably seeing it all over magazines and in the stores.  Color blocking is one of the most simple ways to be fashionable right now, so all you chicas who claim to have "no fashion sense" can hop right in!  Here is a formal definition thanks to Real Simple, May 2011...
Color Blocking:  A striking mash up of contrasting shades creating a visual impact with minimal effort. 
So, how does this look? ...

Basically, it is wearing pieces and accessories that start and stop with obvious sections of color, whether it be bright, soft or even neutral.  If you are like me, and the pieces in the style above don't quite fit your taste, below is a more every-day approach that I could see more ladies like myself wearing.

This is a VERY TRENDY look for the spring/summer...white jeans and this beautiful citrus orange color.  You can see how even her purse is color blocked with bold sections of color.  Now I know for MOST of us, wearing white jeans is not going to happen, so just think of them like leggings and cover your bootie instead of tucking in your shirt.  Aubrey and friends, I give you permission to go for it, just remember to wear nude colored underpants.  Any other color (including white) will show through!
Some more examples of switching it up and putting color on the bottom and white on top.

And shoes are really fun to wear in color blocks.  These will look good with so many outfits.  To buy: they are from Kohl's.

My little dog Miss Beans also had a great suggestion for this week's blog post....

Even a bright scarf used around your waist or neck can bring in a touch of color blocking.
We hope this helped.  If Beanie can do it, we can too! 

Have a great, colorful week!

Missy, Aubrey and our guest model Miss Beans