Monday, March 28, 2011

Quick Pick Monday

Okay, I will admit, this is probably the hardest week of the month, knowing you all are staring down what Aubrey and I have on and not being able to hear what you are thinking.  But, oh well, here goes!  I'll go first.(Dress and Jacket - The Rack, Lace top - Lucky, Leopard scarf - The Rack, Socks - DSW, Flats - Palladium from The Rack)

So, just a little background on what I have chosen.  I purchased this dress at the end of the summer, last year on the clearance rack.  I liked the maxi length and the light weight sweater material and imagined having fun with t-shirts underneath and denim jackets on top for cooler weather.  What I DIDN'T imagine was how self conscious I would feel when wearing it knowing how snug it was on my "booty".  So after wearing it once, with full Spanky body armor, I decided I could not bear it another day and to the back of the closet it went.

Then, when I wasn't even expecting it, I noticed one of the sales clerks at Lucky, wearing this lace tank ON TOP of her clothes.  How did she know to do that and why didn't I think of that?  So I ran home (with my Lucky purchase in hand) and pulled this dress back out and I have not stopped wearing it ever since.  What a difference layering can make which is why we did a whole blog on just that.  Just by changing my top layer out I can make this dress work for any season and for any occasion.  And another fun tip, try wearing your scarves as belts for a more colorful and eye catching look.

Okay, so here goes Aubrey...

This is one of my favorite outfits, I wore it at my bachelorette party!  If you haven't noticed already, my mom and I LOVE Nordstrom Rack and everything in this outfit except the long tank is from the Rack!  The tank is from Anthropologie, wrap bracelets from Walmart (yes, Walmart), and the necklace is from our dear friends who own We Three Designs.  My favorite thing about this outfit is how comfortable it is, yet still super chic! Down here in Texas, we are seeing the last of the cold days for a while, so I'm glad I got some use out of this outfit before it's bye bye to the cute boots I stole from my mom :).  The jeans are actually "Jeggings" which are a recent trend for us younger gals.  But, moms, if you want to try them, this kind of outfit would work for you because it hides the areas that you might not want to be seen with tight pants on, and it makes your legs look super skinny!  Who doesn't want that?!

So, thanks for tuning in this week.  Next Monday is the first Monday of April so it will be time for Mission Monday and we have a very fun wardrobe assignment waiting for you!  Have a great week!