Monday, April 18, 2011

Makeover Monday!

...or almost Tuesday this week. 
(I'm not good at being out of town and blogging at the same time, quite yet.)
Today I am featuring a long time friend, "Barb".  Barb has always enjoyed being chic and fun with her clothes, but after her divorce she realized she had neglected care of herself and her wardrobe.

One thing Barb was brave enough to do, was to let me go ahead and get started in her closet even though she wasn't at her goal weight or able to invest in new clothing.  You would be surprised how much we can accomplish even with the pieces in your closet you aren't quite ready to be done with because of size or budget.  I am here to show you how to express your style and beauty no matter what your weight, and it is amazing to see what a belt and strategically layered clothing can accomplish.

Here is how Barb started out when I came to go through her closet, round one:

Barb was working in the school system at the time and it was totally dictating how she got dressed.  When I got to visit with her again, she had since gotten a new job that would call for more "professional" looking clothes AND she had lost over 30 pounds.  So, round two was focused on getting rid of frumpy and baggy clothing out of her closet.  Then off to shopping we went.

Barb's body shape is mostly athletic now that she has trimmed down and her style is romantic and trendy.  We also had her hair cut into a more "young" professional style which probably made one of the hugest differences in her appearance.  One thing I help my clients determine is their "style statement" and Barb's was to be Elegant, Unique and Attractive.

So, here is the new Barb.  Still the same kind and sweet friend on the inside, but on the outside, watch out.  She also happens to work in an office of almost all men and I know this has made her so much more confident.

And no matter where we are or what we are doing, Barb always looks nice.  Here she is at a summer bbq...

Here are a few words from Barb.   "I have known Missy for years and always admired her style.  It was so fun to go shopping and have her magic rub off on me."  

I am so proud of Barb and all the positive changes she has made to her life.  Thank you Barb for letting me be just a little part of that!