Monday, April 25, 2011

Quick Pick Monday

My Sunday Best....

Easter is always a fun day for me (and an excuse) to wear a new dress that I have picked out just for this occasion.  BUT with Colorado being as volatile as it is in the spring, usually my best laid plans fail to work out. So this year, I had a back up, knee socks and fishnets!  So here goes!

Dress: Anthropologie sale room, knee socks: Marshalls, boots: 9 West from one of my FAVORITE second hand shops Cotton Kloset Consignment, fishnets: Nordstrom hosiery department

So, I basically packed all of our recent posts into one outfit hoping I wasn't too obvious, but it really was an accident that this all worked out.  That is one of the beauties of "shopping from your closet".  With this outfit I was able to enjoy horizontal stripes, a little bit color blocking with my sash, and for my cold legs, boots with knee socks.  You just never know what kind of an outfit you can come up with when the need arises!

And if I can just make a very quick plug here for "fishnet" tights.  They are my most favorite item I own.  I have a nude pair and a black pair.  They never seem to go out of style, can be worn in any season, they are almost impossible to make a run in and if you are shy about going bare legged in the spring/summer then this is the trick for you.  Here is a picture of them a little closer up.

Not only can you hardly see them but another nice benefit is they actually add a bit of warmth like hose/stockings would, and give you that body coverage us older (I mean wiser) moms have come to know and love.

So that is all for me, I'll let  Aubrey take over from here...

Hi everyone!  This outfit is yet another walking advertisement for Nordstrom Rack, but I can't hide the fact that it has high quality clothing for WAY less money :).  I put this outfit together using the knee socks and boots idea that we posted earlier.  Yes, I am wearing the same boots as the last Quick Pick Post, but they have been my go-to boots the whole winter season, so why not show them again in a different way?

Dress: Nordstrom Rack Sale rack (no one could probably figure out how to use it since it was extremely low cut).  Tank under dress: Target.  Jeggings: Nordstrom Rack.  Knee Socks (purple): Khol's. Boots: The Rack. Bracelets: Walmart and The Rack (layered of course).  Belt: Forever 21.

I love this outfit because it incorporates all my favorite things: lace, long flowy shirts that cover the bad part of my thighs hehe, knee socks, and boots.  It was so fun to pick this out of my closet!  And I so enjoy finding and wearing shirts (or in this case a dress/shirt) that no one would ever know what to do with.  You can always fix something up with a belt or layering!  

We hope this encourages you to look at your closet in a fresh way, mix and match some new combinations and remember to always make it about you!

Love, Missy and Aubrey