Monday, May 2, 2011

Fashion Mission Monday for May!

Your Assignment:
Chambray and Shirt Dresses!

I have a HUGE soft spot for chambray (a lightweight denim blue cotton) and I am so glad to see it coming back this spring and summer.  Another hot trend right now are shirt dresses so I thought I would just combine them both into one blog, since finding shirt dresses in chambray is such a natural combination.

As we go, you'll see styles that are short, to the knee, strapless, sleeveless, waisted and non-waisted.  Think about your body shape, the areas you want to highlight and the areas you want to conceal and I know you'll find a style perfect for you.  We'll start off with the youngin's this week.

This strapless dress is a steal from Old Navy for only $35.  Paired with a jacket or scarf or a piece of statement jewelry, this chambray look is great for day or evening.

I love this cute mini mixed with strappy sandals and the bright yellow flower pin.  That is the beauty of chambray denim, it looks good with so many colors and/or neutrals.  Here are some more examples for you to see.

Chambray mixed with coral reds and browns....

And our most popular stripes combined with neutral browns and layering shown here.  (PS I might even add a pop of floral to this combination above.)

Now for the moms.  Again I recommend dresses that hit just above or to the knee or the fabulous shirt/dresses that can be worn over leggings or skinny jeans.  (And don't be pulling out those old thick denim jumpers from the 90's thinking you've got this one nailed.)  Here are some samples:

And how they can look as an outfit...

I'm sure you are getting the idea by now.  Any of these dress or shirt/dress additions will be pieces you will wear over and over again this summer and can always make look different with your layering and accessories.  And best of all there is chambray for every age, every style and every body shape.

So get out of your closet blues and add some "chambray blues" to your wardrobe!
Next week we'll be talking about swimsuits.  Self tanner and cover ups here we come!
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