Monday, March 14, 2011

Help Me Monday March 2011

Wear it now...Wear it later...
Our subject this week is how to get dressed in this crazy spring weather.  I don't know if Colorado is similar to other states, but this is the time of year to get a 12" snow storm one day and bright sunny days in the 70's the next.  And the most common mistake I encounter is the urge to throw on the sweater, turtle neck, and fur lined boots in the middle of March and April.  So what is a girl to do?  It's called layering.

So, I am giving you permission to get that closet changed out for the spring/summer weather but to hold on to the light weight cardigans, denim jackets, blazers and even your leather boots and maybe some funky knee socks.  So here goes...

Thank you to InStyle magazine, March 2011 issue.  I love this idea of pulling out that sleeveless summer dress and topping it with a lightweight vest, jacket and leather boots.  No hose, no tights, just bare legs.  Just remember that the perfect hem length is just above or right on top of the knee cap of the leg.  Aubrey and friends, I know you can go shorter if you like, but not too much shorter.  All things in moderation please.

These next two ideas involve denim jackets, one of my favorite go to tops for cool spring breezes.


A perfect solution to keeping those warm leggings out but topping them with a soft sheer sleeveless dress and a fun belt to show off your waist.  This next idea is for the 20 somethings.  Oh to be young again...

cuando, cuando, cuando
This is absolutely one of my most favorite looks in the spring which is pairing those bare legs with fun knee socks and leather boots. My 40 something version of this would be my dress or skirt just to the knee, bare legs and leather boots and you might see me try a more conservative knee sock, but NOT above the knee.  Mommies, if I catch you wearing thigh highs in public I might have to tackle you with my bedspread.

So put away those thick winter clothes and get out your fun spring frocks and start layering!
Missy and Aubrey
PS Next week is Mad Makeover Monday.  See you then!