Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just one more Khaki outfit!

Spring 2011
So, this is exactly what I was trying to describe on Monday.  These Khaki's are a bit like harem pants, in that they are high waisted, fuller through the hips and tapered at the ankle, which makes them ever so cute when rolled up.  The pants shown here are from for $76, the shirt is from for $85 and the very affordable jacket (with pushed/rolled up sleeves, I might add) is only $39.95 at  Speaking of H&M, does anyone know why Denver does not have one??????   So frustrating!   

Hope this helps.  The spring weather is back in Denver so no better time than the present to give this a try!  Enjoy!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fashion Mission Monday March 2011

Welcome to our first Fashion Mission Monday!
Your Mission: To open your closet doors and survey your Khaki situation. I know what you are thinking...BORING, but Khaki pants are no longer the thick, poly blend, unflattering travesties they once were. One good pair of fashionable Khaki's is all a closet needs, and they especially come in handy for the volatile spring weather we encounter, so let's get started.

Mission Dilemma #1: I have lots of khaki's in my closet and I never wear them.
Solution: Pull them all out, throw them on the bed and one by one please try them all on. As you model each pair in front of the mirror, ask yourself, do they fit, are they long enough, are they in good repair, do they flatter my figure? If yes to all of the above then they are keepers.  Keep your favorite one and we'll show you some fun ways to wear these hidden gems. If no, to any of the above questions, out they go. Either to a second hand resell store, Good Will or a needy family.

Mission Dilemma #2:  I have one pair of Khaki's I really like, but I forget to wear them.
Solution:  Just read on.

Mission Dilemma #3:  I have no Khaki's in my closet and I like it that way!
Solution:  I think we might have some styles that surprise and inspire you.  More thoughts below...

The following samples are courtesy of Real Simple Magazine, March 2011 issue.  I know they are hard to read so if you want to know stores and brands in your category, just pop me an email:

My personal favorites are the Loft pair with a tie at the waste and the elastic around the ankle (middle pair for hourglass figure).  I found a pair almost identical to these at The Rack in the clearance rounders 40% off of $49.97.  (Shopping at Rack will be a whole post in itself coming soon!)  And you probably noticed that Khaki doesn't mean just tan or brown.  I find olive green to be the most flattering color on me.

Now, here is one fun example on how to wear your khaki's in a new way, especially for those of you that already own a pair but are not wearing them (image from

These Khaki pants are from American Apparel but you can see how even just a couple of rolls of the hem and you have a very trendy and fun look for your spring wardrobe.  If you need to dress this up a bit for work, just swap out the jean jacket for a light weight blazer, with your sleeves rolled up to show off your wrists, (the most delicate part of a woman's body).  One hint, for those that are vertically challenged like me, only two rolls of the cuff is needed and wearing oxfords like these with a little heel is even better.  For you long legged girls, GO FOR IT!

So have fun, let me know what you think and if you are willing to give it a try!