Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Help Me Monday!

Suitable Swimwear!
It's that time of year where we have to confront the dreaded swimsuit season, so I'm hoping some of these samples will relax and inspire you to try something new this year.  I will admit that I personally have a love/hate relationship with this line of clothing.  I think swimsuits are so pretty and so beautiful... on everyone else but me.  For you gals that have athletic, boy figures, this is your time to shine.  And for those of us with curves, there is no hiding or camouflage that will ever be enough.  But with the choices being so abundant these days, I think we might have some styles that can really work on all of us!  So let's begin!

We'll start with tummies:
Patterns that keep the eye busy, fold over waistbands and ruching or shirring are your friends. 

And with the invention of "slim wear" suits, controlling the tummy is even easier these days!  (now if they could just make slim wear for thighs and upper arms, ha ha)

For the full hips and thighs:
Anything to draw the eye upward and off your lower half is perfect.  Accent pieces, ruffles and suits that create broad shoulders and enhanced bust lines will all help create more balance and cause the eye to go upward.

This type of bottom is called a "brazilian" bottom and is actually better for the full hip than a ruffle, a skirt or even a full coverage bottom.

The straight figure:
With a boy figure, you have nothing to hide, but instead you want to create a waist.  High waisted bikinis, enhanced bust lines and details at the waist like stripes and belts are all perfect on you.

And we'll finish up with the large bust and shoulders:
I realize with a large bust, you are still needing to keep in mind your body shape, so be sure and pick a style that not only has great support and coverage, but also flatters your shape.  These days you can find tummy control slim wear and bikinis that will just about fit all figure types and give you great support.  And MOST IMPORTANTLY, straps are your friends.  I know it sounds nice to go strapless, especially when tanning, but there is no way to get the support you need without at least some strings!
Just a few more tips for the swim season, especially when packing for vacation.  To save room in your suitcase, try bringing clothes that can double as coverups, like long tunic tops or maxi dresses.  And if you are a bikini lover, bring two, a solid and a print that can be mixed along with a one piece for water sports.

Now is the time to get some deals too.  Suits have been out since March, so you may not have as big of a selection, but now that you know what you are looking for, I bet you can find just what you need at a great price.  Have fun "surfing" the internet and stores!

Missy and Aubrey
PS  Next week, we'll be out of town, so we'll see you in two weeks!

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