Monday, May 23, 2011

Quick Pick Monday!

It's the "little things" that count!
We just spent a very fun weekend in Austin with Aubrey and her new husband Trevor to celebrate Aubrey's official graduation from the University of Texas.  Texas is deliriously hot this time of year and oh so muggy so we knew we needed to dress cool yet dressy all at the same time.  So this is what we came up with....

I purchased this dress recently from Anthropology's sale room and it is all colors that are good for me, ivory and navy blue.  This dress is called a "maxi" which means its length is suppose to hit right around the ankles.  I love this length of dress in the summer when you don't have a good tan quite yet or you don't want to wear hose or fish nets.  With this length of dress anything goes from flats to high heels.  BUT as pretty as this dress is, it's just kind of "blah".  I just needed a pop of color so this is what I added.

This sweater was also in the Anthropology sale room and came in ivory, grey and this bright orange.  Back in the old days, I would have gone right to the ivory, thinking orange would not look good on me.  But during my stylist training, my mentor redid my colors.  Orange is her favorite color so she tries to find suitable oranges for all of her clients.  I can't tell you how much fun it is has been slowly adding this into my wardrobe and wouldn't you know I get many compliments when I wear it.  This look also shows off the "color blocking" we blogged on a few weeks ago and polka dots which are very "in" for the summer.  My outfit:  dress, sweater and fun ring - Anthropology,   shoes - Ugg,s found at the Rack (they have the sweetest little tie around the ankle and are so comfortable).  So enough of me and on to Aubrey's cute outfit.

I borrowed this dress from my best friend Meredith and she is shorter than me so I had to add some extras so that it fit me perfectly.  Since the back had this cute black strap, I added a black full body bandeau under the dress that came out right above my knees so that I didn't have to worry about the dress being too short.  It tied in with the black strap on the back and I added some black jewelry and heels to bring it all together.  The rhinestone straps you see are actually bra straps!!!  I rarely ever wear my strapless bra without these anymore because it is so much more comfortable!  These straps go with everything and look so cute when they poke out and no one even knows!  Outfit: Dress- Francesca's, Jeweled Straps- Dillard's lingerie department, Body Bandeau- California boutique $10, bracelets- compilation of gold and black jewelry from Forever 21, Sam Moon, and other inexpensive places, shoes- Steve Madden (from high school!  They have lasted me years as my simple black heel).

Next week is our first Wild Card Monday and we have a list started of "What not to Wear", so stay tuned!   Have a blessed week and remember, it's the little things that count, especially when you get dressed!
Love from Texas,
Missy and Aubrey

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