Monday, June 13, 2011

Help Me Monday!

What to do with all the styles of jeans?
I thought this week we would take some time to go over all the different styles of jeans out there and how best to wear them.  I love all the styles out right now.  They are versatile and can be so flattering when wearing them the right way, so let's dig in.

We'll start with the timeless Flared Leg:

With the flared jean you need to think about your body shape and how best to set off  your assets.  Wider hips will be balanced with a wider flare where as a slim hip needs less.  As shown here a tucked in soft button down looks great.  And like we talked about a  few weeks ago, hem length is very important.  Make sure your toes are peeking out while have having a soft break on top of the foot.  If this isn't happening, then change your shoes!

The Skinny Jean:

There are very important rules to follow when wearing skinny jeans.  First is that long loose tops are permitted with this cut of jean as it contrasts with the tightness of the leg and covers your bum.  Strappy flats are also ideal with this cut of leg.  They are so comfortable and are a great look for the summer.  This cut of jean is also very popular this summer in white denim or very bright colors.

The Boyfriend Jean:

I LOVE the look of these jeans but they are tricky to wear.  These jeans look amazing on you gals with the emerald/athletic or ruby/slim hipped shapes.  For us gals with more curves, it can be hard to find a cut that fits at the waist and is loose in the leg, but they're out there! Aubrey found a great pair at American Eagle on sale for $30!  Some other things to keep in mind with this cut is to keep your accessories feminine because this is a boyish look.  Tanks and other sleeveless tops will show off your feminine arms, along with stacked bracelets and lace up sandals or ballet flats.

And lastly, we'll finish up with the Cropped Jean:

This cut can be worn very similarly as the Skinny Jean but is a little more chic with its unusual length.  Be careful with the hem length and make sure the cuff comes in at the smaller part of your calf just above the ankle.  If you go too high, you'll look like a pirate and too low you'll lose all the drama and fun.  And to take this look up a notch, add high strappy wedges with a jacket and sleek tank and you can go to work even!

So we hope this helps freshen up these staples in your closet and maybe inspires you to add some new ones.  Have fun!
Missy and Aubrey
(Thanks to InStyle March 2011)

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