Monday, June 6, 2011

Fashion Mission Monday June 2011

Cut offs are back and even better!
Denim shorts have been around forever but it seems they are everywhere these days in the fashion magazines.  I know for you younger gals you are thinking what's the big deal, I already have these in my closet, but for us moms this can be a stretch, so I thought I would make it our assignment this month, just in case there are any stragglers in the crowd.

The key to wearing denim shorts is to find the style that best suits you.  Here are some examples:

For you young gals, the cropped short is perfect, but you still need to be careful on how short you go, and for us moms I recommend the Bermuda length (lower left hand corner), just to the knee.  As far as fit, the looser in the thigh, the better, as it makes you appear slimmer.  And depending on what you put on top and wear for shoes, you can be very casual or even a bit dressed up.  It's all in the accessories!

This is a great college campus look.  With your young figures, tucking your shirt in with a great belt is perfect.  For moms, you might want to try this:

This is using the flattering trick of layering, with a long undershirt layered on top of your shorts (not tucked in) and a final layer of an a-line sweater on top.  Fun jewelry, strappy flats and some color blocking with the green top and orange shades, and you are all set for a day of shopping or lunch with a girlfriend.

And lastly, this is my "go to" look in the hot summer, with a sleeveless tunic that is just long enough to cover up your backside.  A belt doesn't have to be used with these longer flowing tops if they lay nicely against your silhouette.

And one pair is all you need.  Denim shorts are a bit like a good pair of jeans.  Once you find a pair you like, that cover your bum and are comfortable, you will wear them over and over again and they just get better over time.

So put away your scissors and go get some REAL denim shorts.  You'll be glad you did!
Missy and Aubrey
(Thanks to InStyle June 2011 and

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