Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wild Card Monday (but actually Tuesday)

Just call us the Fashion Police!
Seems we lost track of time this weekend, with all the holiday festivities, so we apologize for our tardiness.  We are actually very excited to finally have a wild card Monday and be able to choose our subject, so today we are going to unload all those little things that make us crazy.  If we happen to hit a nerve, you can yell back at us (with a private email of course), but we hope when you think about them, they really do make sense.

Fashion Crime #1:  YOUR PANTS ARE TOO SHORT  We see this ALL the time and it makes us so sad because it is so easy to fix.  Over time your jeans and cotton pants shrink or perhaps you are trying to wear high heeled boots with jeans that really should only be worn with flats.  Either way this has got to stop.  There is nothing more un-flattering to a woman's leg than to wear pants that are too short.  Here are some examples.

When pants are too short, they create a "stumpiness" in the leg and draw a ton of attention.  Trust me, they are not looking at your shoes. Here is an example of what TO do:

I personally would rather see you error on the long side than being too short.  Having a natural break at the shoe is perfect and with skinny jeans it's okay for them to "scrunch" a bit around the ankle.  See how long and lean this leg looks compared to the one above?  Perfect.

Fashion Crime #2:  SAGGING CHEST  For those that have been blessed in this area, I find the natural tendency is to want to cover up and not draw attention by wearing saggy, loose fitting bras.  But what happens instead is your chest and waist become one unit with no shape and you look tired, heavy and bent over.  Before:
So much better. The girls are up and your delicate rib cage and waist are showing!

Fashion Crime #3:  LEGGINGS EXPOSED  This one makes me most sad as I see moms around town wearing their leggings fully exposed and incorrectly.  I think what happens is from the front, things don't seem too bad, but we forget to take a full look front AND back and this is what happens:

We have panty lines and cellulite and even on the most beautiful figure, this is just too much to bare.  You might as well be shopping in your swimsuit.  I have also seen the mistake of not understanding the difference between "leggings" and "stockings".  These are stockings:

You can see right through them.  Here is an example of leggings worn appropriately:

A long jacket, long top or short dress can all work with leggings.  They allow the leg to show but cover your bum.  High heels are shown here, but leggings are also great with flats and in the winter, chunky winter boots like Ugg's or tall riding boots.

Fashion Crime #4:  EYE SHADOW AND EYE LINER (too much or not enough)  I think if anything we probably don't wear enough make up when we are out running errands.  I know how much easier it is to throw on a baseball cap and sunglasses, but if you try a few of these tips I think you'll find that 5 minutes is all you need.  First we'll start with what happens when you wear too much:

Shimmer eye shadow and eye liner on the bottom are beautiful for formal events and evening attire, but it's just too much for the day.  I have found something about the shimmer on us "40-somethings" that just isn't right.  It amplifies our creases and makes us look tired.   Eye liner underneath can also get stuck on your upper cheekbone and no one ever stops to tell us.  You can see the difference to the right between "smoky eye" and "cat eye".  The smoky eye is romantic and natural all at the same time.  The cat eye looks painted.

Next is the problem of not wearing enough.  Especially underneath the eye.  Here, Uma Thurman has a beautiful evening look but someone forgot to finish her lower eye.  I know this was done on purpose, but again, she looks tired and her eyes are so small.

So hold on, the next one will be just right.

This is my favorite.  Taylor Swift has got it just right.  Here are the tips:  First, wear only matt finish eye shadows on the upper lid.  Pick skin tone colors like taupe, rose or beige.  Next, using a pencil or gel, place a line at the base of the upper lashes in either charcoal, brown or navy, getting thicker towards the outer edge of the lid.  And last, use a chocolate brown shadow with a thin brush and paint in a soft line under the lower lashes.  Shadow won't smudge, run with tears and it creates a soft definition to the lower eye without looking "painted on".  And personally, I only use mascara on my upper lashes now.  I have found with this trick of using brown shadow on the bottom, I don't need the mascara and again, I don't have to worry about it falling on my cheeks or smudging as I go through the day.   You'll have to try it and see what you think.

Fashion Crime #5:  CLOTHES THAT ARE TOO SMALL I know it may seem difficult to get rid of the tight shirts or pants you used to wear in high school (college girls, this goes for you too!), but actually going a size up will make you look smaller!!  Always dress your size.  When you flatter your body with the correct size, it doesn't matter how big it is!  Plus, every store is different in terms of sizing.  For example, when I (Aubrey) ordered my wedding dress, I was wearing a size 4 in regular clothes, but I had to order the dress in between a size 6 and 8!  Whether or not designers agree on sizes should not affect our buying the size that fits!
Chloe not flattering her figure...
Here is Chloe wearing a couple outfits that flatter her correctly.  In the jean outfit (trend we mentioned in earlier blog), her legs look so much thinner!  

Forget about the label, and dress your body type to get the looks you see in the magazine onto yourself :).   

Next time we have a Wild Card Monday we will focus on our fav's.  We know these examples are at the extreme but we hope they helped.  We really don't want to be the fashion police but instead encourage you to double check so no one does a double take when you head out into the world!
Have a wonderful week!
Missy and Aubrey
(Thanks to stylecaster.com. polyvore,com and the internet.)

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